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A couple of years ago, while at Epcot in Disney World, I needed to take a rest and grab some lunch. Got a wurst in the German pavilion and asked to share a table with some people I didn’t know since the restaurant was really crowded. We ended up sharing laughs over the wurst and learned about one another. The couple was from Tillamook, OR and we ended up having conversation about a woman’s right to choose. I was in favor; they were not. We listened, we shared, we ate wurst. And, we talked about our families, our kids, and how much we valued America. We broke bread together, we enjoyed wurst together and we connected. We exchanged email addresses and they’ll be posting on ORFU. I have nothing but fond memories of that lunch with strangers, now acquaintances and I’m sure we would not have had that conversation, or even stopped to talk with one another, if we hadn’t shared a table and munched wurst over lunch.

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