Our Recipe for Unity

Hotpot and Heart-to-Hearts

Recently, some friends and I got together for a small gathering at their house. The friend hosting was preparing to move, and I was a bit sad, as I never really felt like I’d had the chance to properly connect with him. Now, I’d only ever eaten out with these friends; we’d meet for drinks and ramen or appetizers. But this time, they wanted to cook hot pot at their home. And something, whether it was the process of cooking hot pot, the smells, or the shared experience of cooking meats and veggies in a communal pot of broth, made this dinner different. Starting with memories of cooking hotpot with his family back in China, he delved into formative moments in his life, telling us all about his family and how different his life became when he moved to the United States. He opened up to us as the smells of cooking onions and pork and mushrooms opened and whetted our appetites; I’ll always cherish that memory. Food has amazing power!

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