Our Recipe for Unity

Growing Up With Mama’s Cooking

Looking back on my childhood years, I now realize what a lucky kid I was. During those years both my mother & father worked & were not home very much. But, when either my mother or father was home, they cooked. They were both excellent cooks, each with his or her own specialty, & cook away they did.

The 2 recipes that are indicated here, were my mother’s special dinner dishes. When she cooked either one, I was delighted. Lucky me, I loved them.

Though my mother’s recipes never had precise amounts indicated, I would ask her how she knew the amount of ingredients to include or add. Her answer, “shitt erine,” which translates to “add or pour in” and, by extension, “taste it”. To me it was a very European method of transmitting recipes.

So, what I have done here is make the recipes as simple as possible, give you exact measurements & hope, after you’ve made either one of these dishes, you will love them.

Additionally, I’d like to add that these recipes are those that my mother sometimes made when it was a holiday & we had guests for dinner. It was the sharing of this meal with others who had never tasted anything like either of these dishes that made it so special.

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