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Our Recipe for Unity℠ is about bringing people together around food, including those people who don’t already congregate or know each other; who may, in fact, stay apart out of fear or distrust of others simply because of their “otherness.” We believe that one of the ways people can come together is to share a dish, a sit-down meal, or just information about others’ food traditions, which can help illuminate what binds us as human beings over what separates us. And we’ve demonstrated elsewhere in this site that this concept works!

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” ~ James Beard

So, expand your cultural awareness by reading about the People, Cuisines and Countries of origin associated with America's largest immigrant populations. Learn about food culture, cultural food diversity, and “ethnic foods” and their food traditions. And check back often, as this area of the site is constantly being built out. You'll find coverage of more and more countries, regions, and information on all Americans (including Native American culture and foodways).

“Food is so deeply tied to our culture and our identity. What we cook is an expression of who we are and where we come from.” ~ Leah Selim, co-founder of NYC’s Global Kitchen

This section is organized by country/region and each Country Fact Sheet includes background on the typical Food Palate, including key ingredients, as well as major Holidays & Festivals, Notable Americans, and links for further information.

We hope you’ll find this section helpful whether you simply want to learn, personally, or to share that learning, or to apply this context to actionable ideas you can find elsewhere on our site, such as Hosting a Dinner Party, or Potluck, or Multi-Cultural Food Exploration for Kids, or Food Swap.

Fact Sheets

Below are our Fact Sheets, free downloadable collections of information on various cultures and countries, their respective cuisines, and the people who make and eat them.

Use these Sheets in whatever fashion you'd like–use them at potluck, at a dinner party, at a food swap, or just for your own or others' education. This collection is always growing, so check back often for new Fact Sheets.

We invite you to read, explore, comment, and suggest other Fact Sheets we might include here!

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