Our Recipe for Unity

A Multicultural Potluck Creates Unity

At your home, your school, your office, or within a civic or faith organization you belong to, suggest a potluck with the goal of making it a cultural exploration beyond just the food experience. A potluck is communal by definition and a great way to give people an opportunity to share and connect. Incorporate an international or multi-ethnic theme that makes sense for your locale. Is there a Syrian community within your greater neighborhood? Vietnamese? Cuban?
You can designate the event a "heritage potluck," in which participants bring a dish that originates from their own background, with an information card that includes the recipe and briefly explains the dish and/or related foodways (eating habits and culinary practices of a people, region, or historical period, per Merriam-Webster). Learning about one another helps create familiarity and breaks down barriers. You can even consider sharing multicultural decorations and music!
Can you guess who makes up “the top 20 diaspora groups” in the U.S.? You can read the data but best to learn from the people themselves, and hear their stories, discover your common ground as Americans. Guaranteed you will make some connections and find commonality with one another.

Here's an example:
My New Best Friend
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