Our Recipe for Unity

Food Sharing and Building Unity

A food swap typically focuses on homemade or homegrown foods or ingredients in a sort of gifting or bartering scenario, sometimes on a recurring basis so there can be an element of community-building, as well. Remember, community starts with two!

Why not take the food swap idea and overlay an element of Our Recipe for Unity℠? Whether that’s hosting a multicultural holiday cookie swap or setting a multi-ethnic theme for a bring-whatever-you-like food swap. Or maybe you invite different neighborhoods, schools, churches, or civic groups to participate in either of those kinds of events. Leverage the universal language of food and food sharing to create greater understanding and unity.

If you’re really adventurous and want to turn this into an organized event, you can expand the food swap by deciding on a location and promoting your swap via posters, mailers, social media or email. Have an RSVP that includes information about what participants plan to bring. And encourage participants to think beyond the actual swapcreating product labels or accompanying recipe/informational cards to provide context in take-home format. The food swap can even relate to a theme (for example, foods from different cultures and traditions).

To help generate ideas and plans, peruse our Country Fact Sheets, our Recipes in Food Tapestry, and other Resource pages. And once you’ve turned your inspiration into action, please make sure to share the Recipes and Food Connection Stories so they become a part of Food Tapestry℠!

Here’s an example:


My Second Family


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