Our Recipe for Unity

Around the Table

Our logo is intended to represent a diverse group of people gathered around a table.
The overlap of the individuals creates negative space that suggests plates—representing food—and also conveys the idea that individuals are all holding hands, having joined together as a group, symbolizing harmony and camaraderie.
In its totality, the Our Recipe for Unity℠ logo was designed to convey a bright, positive, hopeful message of unity—around the table, over food, with the act of meal sharing or, even just learning about one another through food, as a force to foster appreciation and respect for all people with the ultimate goal of inspiring unity.
Learn—about topics that inform and inspire us towards greater unity. Our curated and original resources are uniquely designed for this. When we learn about each other, and when we learn the truth of our commonality, we become more empathetic and able to relate more to people whose experiences are different from our own.
Eat—with friends, family, coworkers, your faith community, and people you just want to get to know; you will make new connections, identify common interests and experiences, all in addition to enjoying great (and maybe new) foods.
Connect—besides sharing food around a table, learn about our online community cookbook Food Tapestry℠, share your Recipes and Food Connection Stories, search through our collection of Recipes and Food Connection Stories, and check out our Food Tapestry Map to see the locations of other Our Recipe for UnitySM Unifiers.
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