Our Recipe for Unity

Diversity & Inclusion | Communication & Civil Discourse

This website is Our Recipe for Unity℠. It is not a food site, or a recipe site. It's much more like a social justice site. That's whybesides pages about recipes and cuisineyou'll find resources about diversity and inclusion, communication and civil discourse. Our Recipe for Unity℠ is designed to be a hub of information and inspiration for people with a love for and interest in food, but food with purpose: to illuminate and foster our common humanity.

To address division in America by promoting and fostering compassion, empathy and civil discourse using food as a catalyst to bring people together and to create unity.
To create a strong sense of self-identity, connection and community engagement for people of all ages and backgrounds in America and to nurture a peaceful, equitable and just future for all, which is vital to participating in our communities, local, national, and global.
  • We value ALL people
  • We work towards an understanding of and respect for all cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, classes, abilities, and all people who are considered by anyone as “other”
  • We encourage study and learning and we encourage fun
  • We live by an ethic of constant improvement
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