Our Recipe for Unity

Food is Love

Food, cooking, and cookbook collecting have been a passion for most of my life. My shelves are so well stocked with cookbooks that I’ve got them catalogued online for easy reference. Nothing fills me up more than sharing our dining room table with family, friends, and newcomers.

I have enjoyed multiple careers, beginning my professional life as an attorney and then building an information management business into an internationally recognized organization. But upon retirement, I started thinking about the next chapter. And helping to address the condemnation, vilification, and second-class treatment of so many Americans loomed loud and loomed large.

As an optimistic (but realistic) and determined person, I relied upon what I learned from many years of studying community cookbooks and from years of my own experience sharing food around a table--that there is a power of food, of gathering around a table and sharing and learning about one another over a cup of coffee or a meal. And I decided to pursue the mission of addressing division in America by promoting and fostering compassion, empathy and civil discourse using food as a catalyst to bring people together and to create unity. Read our White Paper on The Value of Eating Together.

It also was clear to me, through the small, regional, spiral-bound community cookbooks, that American cuisine (like the country itself) is made up of its representative parts, largely reflecting immigration patterns, indigenous communities and ethnic diversity.

I do believe we’re more salad than melting pot. We retain our differences, many of them crucial elements of our cultural and personal identities. But, as human beings and Americans, we are certainly more alike than we are different, as many a great thinker has articulated before me.

If we can tamp down any fear or perceived threats posed by our differences and, instead, engage with respect and a sense of curiosity, we can use those differences and those common threads to build bridges, open lines of communication, even build alliances and friendships.

So, it’s my quest to develop and share this notion, connecting my passions around food and bringing people together, impressing upon them the value of eating together or at least learning about one another through food, by creating Our Recipe for Unity℠, the nonprofit and the website.

The website pulls it all together (and will continue to be a work in progress—and we welcome your feedback as we continue to add curated content). We hope that the site is both informative and inspirational, and we hope that it is an opportunity to create a nationwide community of Unifiers and contributors of Recipes and Food Connection Stories to our Food TapestrySM. Please come share in this exploration and experience; I hope you will!

Food, as one of the most basic elements of humanity (and of our survival), is one of our greatest equalizers. Let’s use it to create openings, to build bridges, and to unite and reunite. That is Our Recipe for Unity℠.

Pull up a chair, fire up the stove, dig in, and enjoy! Please share this site and our message with others, and share your Recipes and Food Connection Stories in our Food Tapestry℠ section!

Happy Eating and Happy Connecting!


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