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Press Release – 10/2/19

EASTON, PA (Oct. 2, 2019) — A former award-winning business owner from Easton, PA recently launched a different kind of venture: Our Recipe for Unity℠ https://ourrecipeforunity.org, a rich and robust web portal built to inform and inspire people to come together—to become “Unifiers”—whether by sharing a table or just by coming to understand another person or people through their culinary tastes and food traditions.

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s mission is to address division in America by promoting and fostering compassion, empathy and civil discourse using food as a catalyst to bring people together and to create unity.

“What motivated me,” says Founder & Executive Director Susan Wolper, “is the political and social climate we live in, sowing so much division and alienation. The idea behind ‘our recipe’ is that food is a universal language and simply sharing a table, or insights about one another’s food culture, helps unmask our common humanity.”

In just its first month, Our Recipe for Unity℠ has been recognized as part of the National Conversation Project’s #ListenFirst Coalition, working to mend the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time. Some of the other 250+ partners of the #ListenFirst Coalition include the National Institute for Civil Discourse and the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation.

Ourrecipeforunity.org is not a food site, or a recipe site. It’s much more like a social justice site. In it, besides pages about recipes and cuisines, visitors will find resources about diversity and inclusion, communication and civil discourse. Our Recipe for Unity℠ is designed to be a hub of information and inspiration for people with a love for and interest in food, but food with purpose: to foster unity.

As site visitors contribute their own recipes and stories about connections made around food, they expand the user-generated content in Our Recipe for Unity℠’s “Food Tapestry,” a continuously growing national community cookbook. The “Become a Unifier” pages on the site are filled with ways people can take action to support the cause, including hosting a themed dinner party or international potluck, as well as simpler “Each Day, Any Day” suggestions.

Wolper was formerly an attorney and President & CEO of the award-winning Wolper Information Services, now part of a global information services firm. She also serves on the board of Communities in Schools of the Lehigh Valley, part of America’s largest integrated services program for empowering at-risk students to stay in school and achieve in life.

To learn more about Our Recipe for Unity℠, visit ourrecipeforunity.org.

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